Operation Guid
【You can run the software directly
 if you have downloaded the client software】

1.Download the client software.  【More Details】

2. Save the software to the specified location. After the download is complete, right-click and decompress it to the folder named “electricity”.

3.In the folder generated by the decompression, double-click“electric”, to run the client software.

4. For expert reviews,please click the"expert entrance"button to enter the experiment system.

5.For student experiments, please use the account registered on the"National Virtual Simulation Experiment Platform"to log in the experiment system.

6. For second experiment, please directly execute “electric” in the“electric”,folder to run the client software.

Brief Introduction About the Project Leader
【Physics Master Studio】


Zhang Hanzhuang is a Professor and doctoral supervisor at College of Physics, Jilin University.

II.Teaching Experience

Prof. Zhang is in charge of courses such as Mechanics, Introduction to Physics, Physics and Life, and Virtual Simulation Experiment.


Prof. Zhang studies ultrafast dynamics of materials and quantum dot light-emitting devices. His research achievements are as follows.

1.Having undertaken 8 projects supported by NSFC

2.Having published more than 120 SCI academic papers

3.Having supervised more than 145 Masters, Doctors, and Postdocs

IV.Professional Affiliation

1.Vice-director of the National Advisory Committee on Teaching Physics of the Ministry of Education

2.Chairman of the National Mechanics Course Research Committee of Colleges and Universities,

3.Vice-chairman of the Jilin Physics Society.

V.Honors and Awards

1.Outstanding Teaching Award of national “Ten Thousand Talents Program”

2.Special Government Allowances of the State Council

3.Bao-steel Special Prize for Excellent Teachers

4.Two national Second-class Teaching Awards

5.In charge of national quality online open course Mechanics

6.In charge of national quality online open course Physics and Life

7.Senior Expert of Jilin Province

8.“May Day” labor medal of Jilin Province

9.Outstanding Teacher of Jilin province

10.Jilin University (Li Wang) Contribution Award for Outstanding Teaching.

Brief Introduction About the Project
Title: Virtual Simulation Experiment of Electricity Generation and Transmission Principle
Type:Comprehensive Experiment Unit, General Physics Experiments. 4 class hours
Objective:Cultivating the ability to apply theories of high-voltage network environment to practice
Principles:Simulating power generation, transformation, transmission, distribution, and usage system by exploiting the basic theoretical knowledge such as the transformation of potential energy and kinetic energy, electromagnetic induction law, transformer principle, electric power loss of materials, transformation between electric energy, thermal energy, and light energy. The goal is to transform mechanical energy in nature into electricity, light, heat, or other energy forms that can be utilized.
Title of topics: 1.Measurement and calculation of converted energy (23 interactive steps);
2.Measurement and calculation of generator parameters (7 interactive steps);
3.Measurement and calculation of transformer parameters (20 interactive steps);
4.Measurement and calculation of transmission line losses (14 interactive steps);
Measurement and calculation of the load and power factor (31 interactive steps).
Class size limit on campus:510
Class size limit off campus:200
Intellectual Property:Copyright registration number: 2019SR0953679
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